Lisa Cole-Newton:
“Do Right Woman”

LaTisha Simon:
“Angel Break My Heart”

J.P. Lavalle:
“Goodnight Elizabeth”

RachelSimone Wyley:
“Fast Car”

The Purpose
Dreams of the heart are visions from the heavens; they move from conceptual thought, into the world of feelings, and yearn for actual life experiences. We vocalist, we musicians, songwriters, producers even film creators, all of like mind, envision our music heard, distributed via the Internet. Our images transferred to DVD and voices conveying powerfully melodic messages igniting passion through every essence to heal individual souls. It is written, only by healing our selves individually, will we truly create examples that heal the spirits of others who circumference the whole wide world. I believe. We will contribute to this positively spiritual methodology, musically. Alexys Paris Voice Studio, has evolved to help us actualize our dreams from the heart. So may the heavens sing through us, and we just adhere to The Universal Law of Cause & Effect…


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Beautiful Voice

Lisa Cole-Newton: “Come Wake Me Up”

Recorded at 25th Street Recording, Oakland. All vocals: Lisa Cole-Newton. Music Production: Kevin Wong, Bill Hampton. Vocal arrangement: Kevin Wong, Alexys Paris.

Elaine Kwok: “Natural Woman”

Recorded at 25th Street Recording, Oakland. BGVox: Elaine Kwok, Lisa Cole-Newton, RachelSimone Wyley. Music Production: Kevin Wong, Bill Hampton. Vocal arrangement: Kevin Wong, Alexys Paris.


Acuity Scheduling


What Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take Alexys’ word for it, let the clients do the talking!

I came to Alexys wanting to step out of my comfortable karaoke repertoire but was a little skeptical of the process. I am now a true believer in his teaching style and would recommend private lessons and group class to anyone who is looking to improve their vocal skills. It has been especially nice to meet so many others like myself—people who want to share their love of music and singing. It’s been a very rewarding experience. Thanks, Alexys!

Lisa Cole-Newton

“Working with Alexys, I always felt the immense dedication he brings to teaching SLS. With that dedication, he was able to open the door for me!”

-Michael Jeffries (Singer/Songwriter)

Note: Michael Jeffries is a professional vocalist who experienced vocal complications then learned to sing via the SLS Technique. His story has been documented in an article split between Part I and Part II. I hope you’ll find it worth your while in examining both parts. – Alexys Paris

Michael Jeffries

Alexys, Thank you for an amazing journey. Your teaching skills and talent as a voice instructor are only surpassed by your kindness and integrity as a person. I cannot believe that there is a better vocal teacher anywhere. I can’t believe how much improvement I have expressed and how your mastery of technique has put me on such a firm and comfortable place as a singer. I am proud to be your student and I count you as one of my greatest friends.

Peace and Love

J.P. Lavalle

When I first started taking vocal lessons with Alexys in 2011, I didn’t know what to expect. The techniques he taught me were foreign to what I had been exposed to before. As the lessons and classes progressed, I began to notice a more pronounced sound and quality to my voice and all of the techniques were falling into place.

In the private lessons, Alexys works extensively with me on areas that he feels could use some improvement and allows me the freedom ask plenty of questions when I need clarification.
The group classes allow for freedom of expression both in song choice and vocal ability. Going to “open mic” also gives me the chance to work on stage presence and also stage jitters……..I have also made some life long friends.

LaTisha Simon

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