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The Vocal Technique used by Glee, American Idol, X Factor, The Voice & over 130 Grammy Winning Artists!

Alexys Paris Voice Studio
Offering InStudio & OnLine Singing & Voice Lessons in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, The East Bay, & located in Oakland Ca.

Affordable Tuition Based Memberships:
After School Memberships – Kids & Teens
Adult Enhancement Memberships
Professional Memberships

Learn To Increase Your Range, Sing with Ease, Power, Agility, Dynamics, Vocal Control, and Yes, Beauty! 1st Voice Lesson FREE!

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“I came to Alexys wanting to step out of my comfortable karaoke repertoire but was a little skeptical of the process..."
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- Lisa Cole-Newton

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Leilani is passionate about singing and has been performing before she began classes with Alexys Paris last Summer 2013... Learn More Leilani's Mother

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"Working with Alexys, I always felt the immense dedication he brings to teaching SLS. With that dedication, he was able to..." Learn More Michael Jeffries

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I have had the good fortune to study under Alexys’ instruction for the past 1 1/2 years. During my secondary school years, I was involved with choral..." Learn More RachelSimone Wyley

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"First and foremost I would like to take a second to express my gratitude to the Almighty for bringing us Alexys Paris. As a mother like most parents out there, ..." Learn More Esetia's Mother

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"Alexys, Thank you for an amazing journey. Your teaching skills and talent as a voice instructor are only surpassed by your kindness and integrity as a person..." Learn More "J.P. Lavalle


Welcome To Alexys Paris Voice Studio – Your 1st Voice Lesson is FREE!

Learn To Sing Like The Professionals – Develop Your Beautiful Voice!

The Vocal Techniques utilized by Glee, American Idol, X Factor, The Voice and over 130 Grammy Award Winning Artists!

AFTER SCHOOL VOCAL MEMBERSHIP: Parents, would you like your son/daughter to be trained in the vocal technique of pop’s legends that’s easily affordable? APVS’ After School Vocal Membership teaches children (ages 8 – 12) & teenagers the same vocal technique of many professional singers.

ADULT VOCAL ENHANCEMENT MEMBERSHIP: Adults, you too can to be trained in the vocal technique of the pop legends. APVS’ affordable Adult Vocal Enhancement Membership trains adults in the same vocal technique of many vocalist who are professionals.

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP: Professionals & Aspiring Professionals, if you need sustainable vocal balance and training for a serious career in the music industry, or to sing your best at your next gig, then there’s an affordable Professional Vocal Achievement Plan for you. Learn the Vocal Technique of Music Industry’s Legends. APVS has trained professionals, and aspiring professionals to Sing Like The Pros!

Learn To Sing with Ease, with Increased Range, Power, Agility, Dynamics, Vocal Control, and Yes, Beauty!

For almost 2 decades, Alexys Paris extensively trained in the Speech Level Singing (SLS), Seth Riggs Technique, The Technique of Legends, the same method utilized by most successful voice instructors today. He also continued training as an Advanced Certified Instructor of The Institute For Vocal Advancement (IVA) the largest organization derived from SLS’ loss of membership. He has studied and taught the most highly successful vocal techniques available for over 17 years.

Vocal Technique is important, but a good singer needs technique, style, as well as Emotion! Today, Alexys teaches children, teenagers, adults, and professionals the three most powerful skills a singer can possess, to sing Technically Correct, Stylistically Beautiful and with Compassionate Emotion!

Sing Like The Pros – Register Now! The very 1st 30 Minute Voice Lesson is Free! – Develop Your Beautiful Voice

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Singing Lessons In Oakland-Voice Lessons In Oakland-Learn To Sing-SLS

Alexys Paris Voice Studio provides Singing & Voice Lessons in San Francisco Bay Area, The East Bay, Emeryville, Berkeley, San Leandro, & located in Oakland Ca.

5200 Adeline St. Studio #362
B3 Lofts, 3rd Floor
Oakland, Ca



Maintaining Healthy Vocal Balance

Maintaining Healthy Vocal Balance

Technically speaking, Vocal Balance is an appropriate balance between blowing air through the vocal cords and vocal cord closure without straining (yelling in the mid or upper registers or disconnection (uncontrolled breathy voice) throughout the entirety of a singers range. Of course.